The Sakya School

The Sakya school is one of the four major schools of Tibetan Buddhism.

It was founded by Khön Konchok Gyalpo in the year of the iron ox in 1073 when Konchok Gyalpo established the northern Sakya monastery on the slopes of the Ponpori hill.

This great tradition which he founded went on to make great contributions to the Tibetan society especially when Sakya Pandita Kunga Gyaltsen introduced the study of the five major and five lesser sciences in Tibet, as well as to the Chinese and foreign societies when Drogön Chogyal Phagpa rose as the ruler of Tibet and took charge of the entire Buddhist clergy under the Mongol led Yuan dynasty as well as creating the Phags pa script which was put to use by Tibetans, Han Chinese, Mongolians, Uighurs as well as Koreans.

Over time, from the mainstream Sakya school, the Ngorpa, Tsarpa, Nalendra, Dzongpa, Jonang, Zhalu, and Bodong branch schools emerged. Check the sub menus of the Sakya School to learn about each of these wonderful branch schools (coming soon).